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Your Good Fortune is at
Get Started with $14 and a $40 Money Order

This is Different!!

You can start the process of "living free" from debt, foreclosure and unemployment, to name a few of the hardships that can occur in life.  This is a Cash Flow Program that Rocks because it removes the blocks and allows members to share their good fortune with others.  If you would truly like to start taking steps toward Your Good Fortune, here's how:

Become a member at $14.00 per month and "Chip-In" as a TIBS CLUB Reseller with your one-time purchase of our featured product , at the cost of $40.00 (+3.40 tax) and see how the Power of 4 helps all members to "start small and grow." 



The TIBS CLUB Gateway for Financial Freedom via Chip-In Cash Leveraging designates the amount of $40.00 as the amount to be processed in the Inviter's Horizontal Receiving Line, which is increased by 4 when the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th sales are passed up.  This means that while only one purchase is required by a single person who becomes a member, when each member receives sales of $40.00 from others, he or she passes up every other sale after the first one received, the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th, to his or her Inviter.  Using the "lucky number" 14 to illustrate how the Power of 4 works, when 14 people become members through the invitation of one and 4 are passed up, as the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th, 10 members remain in the Inviter's Horizontal Receiving Line, and there is a total of $400.00, to start.  Then, based on this illustration, each member's "4-ups" can quadruple to $1,600.00, $6,400.00, $25,600.00, and $102,400.00 respectively, within the activity of his or her Horizontal Receiving Line.  So, . . .  Preview Here

Start small and by the "Power of 4" -- 1.  You . . . $1,600.00!  2.  Your Needs . . . $6,400.00!!  3.  Your Desires . . . $25,600.00!!! and 4.  Your Dreams . . . $102,400.00!!!! can begin to be fulfilled and give you leverage to grow!

Although this type of "cash leveraging" has been done by others, this example is based on the founder's desire to meet the needs of members with a program that is not only affordable, but tangible, operable, legal and sustainable.  Another way of looking at her "1440 Principle" for Your Good Fortune is that there are 1,440 minutes in a 24-hour day that are available for doing good things such as helping others to have a more abundant life.

It's easy to use our simple program for the "fun and freedom" of sharing our good fortune with others:  NO training videos, webinars, conference calls, phone
marketing, daily emails, affiliate product offers, or joint venture launches -- JUST "INVITATIONS" for Part-time Enjoyable Prosperity with three choices for membership in alignment with our Circle of Attraction, website content that navigates you through the process, and monitored code of honor membership administration through the "power of 4" horizontal receiving line for "Your Good Fortune at"

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