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Hello, my name is Jean Wilson.  I am the founder of TIBS CLUB.    

If you would like more cash for the things you want to do, "start small and grow" by helping people with Chip-In Cash Leveraging.  Yes, that's what it's about, because, really, everything in life depends upon helping people.  And, by "Chipping-In" as a private member of TIBS CLUB, you are helping with your purchase of our $40.00 featured product and becoming a TIBS CLUB Reseller.

When I came across the term "living free" I added "giving free" -- that's kind of poetic.  Poetry of life, to me, is that when people are "chipping-in" they are giving freely of themselves to help others.  So, living free is giving free!

It is said that you'll only grow as wealthy as your ten closest friends.  TIBS CLUB "wealth ability" equals 10 members.  How so?  Well, if friendship is about Trust, Action, Belief, and Success, then the friendship of 10 members keeping TABS on each other should be welcomed and appreciated!

"We keep TABS on each other by joining
together in our Circle of Attraction. 
Trust, Action and Belief = Success!"

I could joyfully go on and on.  But, here's a little about me for you to trust in, if you would please.

As the founder of TIBS CLUB, I have experience and understanding of Accounting, Law, Management, Programming and other useful knowledge.  After studying Accounting, Business Law and Business Management in college, I worked in Accounts Receivable jobs, was a Legal Secretary, and a Business Manager for a financial service company.  In the Army, I was a computer operator.  I have also done residential and commercial cleaning, worked in retail stores, and I was a Music Minister for a church.  So, I'm basically harmonious with all people.

I am currently residing in Aurora, Colorado, and "one of my favorite things" is spending time with people that like karaoke singing.  I am an imaginative thinker and I like fun and interesting projects to work on.  TIBS CLUB helps me to have a more enjoyable and abundant life that I can share with others.


Are you thinking
about joining?

This is not a solicitation.  The Invitation and access to information and products is only for those who want to receive it and who determine of their own volition to join TIBS CLUB and participate in its activities as a private member.


The Integrated Business and Social Club

“Your Access to Fun and Freedom”
Jean Wilson
Hobby Singer
Club Project Marketing and Sales Director
Mentor and Monitor of
the Chip-In Cash Leveraging Program


Your Inviter is:
Please refer to your
card or other info for a code.



Disclaimer:  This is a private activity and sales project that helps people through giving and receiving.  For illustrative purposes only, not a guarantee, the ideal number of persons that may be invited is a hypothetical limit of 14, who by giving, in alignment with Divine Law:  "'Give and it shall be given unto you,...' 'with the same measure that ye mete...'", have the possibility of receiving, not from the person given to but from others who are private members by invitation, and aware of the program and activity in which sales of the featured product are ethically and lawfully passed up and compouned as determined by the system and sequence of pass-ups to our members.  Although the program is configured for growth by 4, there are no guarantees of the same or equal results by any one or more members, and any information, estimates, or projections of growth through leveraging and compounding cash flow through the system are not to be taken as guarantees.


Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn.

… Benjamin Franklin

If you sing, the gateway for program entrance is the “Hobby Singer Circle” for karaoke singers.  For imaginative thinkers, like myself, who like fun and interesting projects to work on, there is also a “Cash Flow Circle.”   I have created these circles for the attraction of like-minded people.  However, if you just want to "chip-in" without participating in any particular circles, you can still be involved, as a member and reseller, because everybody belongs to our "Circle of Attraction."

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