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Cash Gifting Answer

    The Chip-In Cash Leveraging System

Every member on your Horizontal Receiving Line gives you 4 Members, no matter if you
Invited them or they we're Given to YOU!

   1st goes to YOU...  YOU Receive $40...           In This Example
        (2nd goes to Your Inviter)                       When 14 members are Invited

  3rd goes to YOU...  for another $40...              and 4 go up to the Inviter
        (4th goes to Your Inviter)                            resulting in a Horizontal
  5th goes to YOU... for another $40...           Receiving Line of 10 members.
h goes to Your Inviter)                            IT'S EQUAL TO
  7th goes to YOU... for another $40...                     (10 x $40)
        (8th goes to Your Inviter)                                      and
  9th goes to YOU... for another $40...           YOU RECEIVE
goes to YOU... for another $40...              a TOTAL of
11th goes to YOU... for another $40...                  $400.00
12th goes to YOU... for another $40...                 . . . . . . . . . . . .
13th goes to YOU... for another $40...        But That's Just
14th goes to YOU... for another $40...         the Beginning!     

        2-Up $100 vs. 4-Up $40 Comparison Shows How "We Start Smaller and Grow Richer!"  

2-Up:  "8 Horizontal Pay-Line" members
pass-up 2nd & 4th,

YOU earn   (8x2x$100) another      $1,600!
>> When they each pass-up 2,
YOU earn (16x2x$100) another      

>> When they each pass-up 2,
YOU earn (32x2x$100) another     
>> When they each pass-up 2,
YOU earn (64x2x$100) another  

You don't have to stop at 10!!!
There's  NO LIMIT to the number
of members you can personally
Sponsor, creating Unlimited
"Power of 2" Income Potential!

4-Up:  "10 Horizontal Receiving Line"
members pass-up 2nd, 4th, 6th & 8th,

YOU receive (10x4x$40) another         $1,600!

>> When they each pass-up 4,
YOU receive (40x4x$40) another         
>> When they each pass-up 4,
YOU receive (160x4x$40) another     
>> When they each pass-up 4,
YOU receive (640x4x$40) another 

By Comparison and simple math, the ideal
number of members you can personally
Invite is 14, creating a
Limit for the Unlimited
"Power of 4"

Disclaimer:  This is not a job or a business.  It is a private activity that helps people through giving and receiving.  For illustrative purposes only, not a guarantee, the ideal number of persons that may be invited is a hypothetical limit of 14, who by giving, in alignment with Divine Law:  "'Give and it shall be given unto you,...' 'with the same measure that ye mete...'", have the possibility of receiving, not from the person given to but from others who become aware of the program and charitably, ethically and lawfully determine of their own volition to gift members.

The Integrated Business
and Social Club

Jean Wilson, Founder

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